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End your quest for quality lead generation with Armada Bundle Suit

Generate B2B/B2C leads across all your channels, automate follow-ups, engage with prospects, and boost your sales–all from a single solution.
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Everything you need for your growth expedition

From finding hundreds of leads in minutes and contacting prospects to turning them into customers, Armada Bundle Suit offers all the arsenal you need to be the king of your market!

Lead generation: Discover a trove of leads quickly

Stop spending time scraping millions of contacts to find leads. Extract a quality prospecting list for your sales crew with Armada Bundle suit and increase the revenue for your business.

  • A sea of opportunities

    Access/extract from more than +15M B2B companies.

  • Know the sea

    Extract local businesses from Google Maps. Thousands of new leads uploaded each day.

  • Every ship has a name

    Find company domains using simply their names.

  • Every crew has a name too

    Find company domains using simply their names. Get all employees' emails straight from a list of domains.

  • Bring the gold home

    Use Zapier to send all the data to your CRM via Zapier.

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Email automation: No more messages in bottles

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Build and launch powerful, customized email campaigns to capture new opportunities and grow your revenue without lifting your finger.

  • An abundance of ammunition

    Create unlimited campaigns and connect unlimited senders.

  • Hit the right target, every time

    Warm-up feature to increase your deliverability.

  • Mugshots or wanted posters

    Send personalized images with our image personalization tool.

  • Focus your spyglass

    Send events to your CRM, such as opens, clicks, and replies.

  • Generate more sales meetings

    With automatic follow-ups.

Chatbots: Capture leads through one-on-one interactions

Reach your visitors without spending more time.

  • Unlimited chatbots mean unlimited leads.

  • Customize the scenario

    Your chatbot crew when you need it.

  • Sail the seven seas

    Customize position, widget, and color from a global palette.

  • Your treasure map

    Export leads to Excel or CSV.

  • Bring them home

    Send leads directly to CRM or any software.

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Review management: Get big, be visible!

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Don't miss out on the new tech in word-of-mouth. Use Online Review Management to get reviews from your website visitors and get visibility on Google and FB Reviews.

  • Collect reviews right from your site

    Set up our review widget on your site.

  • Be the most wanted

    Increase your SEO position.

  • Grow your Facebook and Google pages.

  • Save your treasure

    export reviews to Excel or CSV.

  • Put that gold to use

    Send reviews directly to your CRM.

Social proof notifications: Show your might

Want to appear more credible to your visitors? Use Social Proof to show that people are using your services to inspire trust.

  • Why have a ship when you can have a fleet?

    Add unlimited websites.

  • Send out unlimited notifications.

  • When sailing strange lands, create geo-targeted notifications.

  • Shoot

    Display random fake notifications.

  • The haul

    Send collected data back to your CRM or other software.

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What are you waiting for?

Conquer your market with Armada Bundle Suit

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Quality products for your growth

We provide quality products with a high standard of security
and log level.

Your information is stored in maximum-security data centers around multiple locations, maintained with the highest security standards and protected 24/7 by security personnel. We use advanced encryption standard (AES). Your data is much safer in HIPAA-compliant data centers than it would be on a single client-side server in your office.

Founded on the core values of trustworthiness, professionalism, humility, and teamwork, Armada Bundle Suit strives to exceed customer expectations through providing legendary service and online support. Whether you sign in to your online account to make an update to your subscriptions or contact our Customer Service Help Center, our friendly Team is standing by to help you easily use the product with no hassle.

Our customer support service is free in order to help you get the most out of your Armada Bundle Suit product. Via online chat, an elite team of tech agents can walk you through tasks like upgrading, customizations, dashboard installation, lead generation advice, data export and import, and even tutorial education. Pricing is free. For your convenience, this service is available 24/7 365 days a year.

This Armada Bundle Suit Uptime Service Level Agreement is applicable to all plans. We use industry best practices, the best data centers. That’s why we guarantee that your dashboard and your data will be up over 99.9% of the time. We provide the world-class infrastructure necessary to keep your dashboard up and running uninterrupted around the clock.

What are you waiting for?

Conquer your market with Armada Bundle Suit

Start your adventure and sign up for the free trial period - 7 days - without a credit card required.
(No credit card required)

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